Sunday, 16 October 2011

What an inspirational week!

What an inspirational week! Deborah Louie came to Berry Patchwork for a two day back to back "learn to quilt your own". The class was full before I managed to get news of Deb's visit up on my web. A little like Monica Poole's 2 day workshop booked in for January 2012 - sorry girls, Monica's class has been booked out for months - again, word of mouth (WOM) spread so quickly that I didn't manage to get news of her visit out there. I am taking names for a waiting list!

But back to Deborah Louie.....
Her classes are truly inspirational. If you have tried to quilt your own in the past believe me you will bound ahead after spending time with Deborah. Even if you have been before, I find there is always something new to learn, some little trick that I didn't take in the last time.

Deborah even brought down her 2012 Berry Quilting Retreat Sample for us all to lust after. Yes, that's right, just in case you didn't catch that, we have decided to set the dates for Berry Quilting Retreat 2012 - so keep a note in your diaries for 8 & 9 September 2012! Deborah is so organized, she has even given me the requirements list!!!

I actually wrote this while sitting at the Cyren Restaurant & Bar @ Darling Harbour having a glass of Viticoltori Ponte Prosecco from Italy. Gosh, that sounds very flash don't you think? Mr Smith & I went up from Berry to see "Arts for Art's Sake" @ the Darling Harbour Convention Centre & to say hello to Caroline Sharkey who was one of the tutors for our inaugural Berry Quilting Retreat over the weekend of 10 & 11 September (last month).

Golly I find these girls inspiring! I take my hat off to both Deborah Louie and Caroline Sharkey. Their work is amazing, their techniques and their skills and their ability to stay positive and deliver an outstanding product just staggers me!

Of course wandering around the "Arts For Art's Sake" exhibition, I fell in love with so many art pieces - oh to have lots of wall space to display every piece I fall in love with (let's disregard the cost of course!) Caroline's work is outstanding. Her ability to create an image with tiny flecks of fabrics and threads is amazing. I could have purchased several pieces if I had any wall space left in my tiny abode. I have threatened in the past to get rid of any piece of furniture over table height so that I could steal the wall space behind one or two cupboards - where to put that crockery?

I met Caroline's "Best Friend Deb" yesterday at the Exhibition. It seemed like they had an eventful time getting from Coffs Harbour on Thursday evening for the opening night Thursday night! Despite the stress of the trip they managed to put all that behind them and they were bright & bubbly and excited to see us & be a part of the exhibition.

I admit I fell in love with the whimsey of Nick Fedaeff's paintings and went back several times to decide if I could live without one or two pieces. The two pieces I purchased are prints, printed on canvas - at least that appeased my desire & also they were affordable, and tiny - there is a strip of wall space in the garden room that I can use to hang these two tiny prints. I would have had to mortgage the house for one original. Mr Smith doesn't quite understand my need to own works of art! See for yourself, why not check out the web sites for yourself:

Just so you know...... yes for those of you who don't know me well, Mr Smith is my long term partner, my husband of nearly 28 years. I can't help it, Mr Smith (that's actually his name by the way) seemed to stick as a nickname as often these things do & it suits him even though so many of you think it strange that I refer to him as Mr Smith, you see he's my "Mr Darcy"!

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