Friday, 21 October 2011

What's this about a Sale?

Children's classes have started back for Term 4, the final term for the year - gosh, where has the year gone? I look at what some of the children have made and the way they vie for the use of the Bernina 440, some too small to reach the foot pedal, they know to remove the cord & sew with the blue button - nice & slow & steady - everyone hates unpicking!!!

Trying to sew in a straight line is actually incredibly hard. Think about it - especially if there are people being social around you & you're trying to join in the conversation & trying to be accurate at the same time. But I admit, I do love the higgley piggley seams that occur sometimes with the children's sewing - there is a certain quirkiness & innocence to each piece. Does it matter if it isn't perfect?

Lucy came in with a little critter that she made at home during school holidays. Her grandmother gave her a book on sewing soft toys. To be honest if Lucy had even hinted at allowing me to adopt it, I would have taken it home in an instant! Isn't it cute?

Berry Patchwork has been invited to join in "Berry Children's Festival" at the Apex Park between 10am & 2pm on Saturday 29 October. Entry donation covers all activities, family $20, single $5. This event has been organized to show what local children's services and community groups are available in the area. There will be lots of things to do, games to play, craft, music, storytelling, face painting, food and more........
Berry Patchwork has been invited to show children & adults what can be done with needle and thread; to teach children the joys & the art of sewing. I've been pondering what to do; I have a passion for "Yo Yos" or "Suffolk Puffs" & think they could be fun to make on the day. If you are close by, please call into the park and join in, the organizers are planning the Berry Children's Festival will become an annual event.

Jenny Miller of Berry made one of the most amazing Yo Yo quilts I have ever seen. Usually a single layer is sewn together - Jen went on to make a second layer which is sewn underneath the first layer to fill the void between each Yo Yo. Jen made over 2400 Yo Yos!

Have a look at the photo. The two rows that you can see around the outside edge form the border - the brown underneath is the table at the shop (the gap between each Yo Yo). Now take a closer look, you can see the centre of another Yo Yo!

If you would like to know how to make these wonderful little creations - come along on Saturday 29th October to the Berry Children's Festival & I will show you how......
it's free from me to you, so join in and let's have fun!

Don't think Yo Yos are only for quilts! Take a look at "Tuesday Trackdown" 18 October, 2011 - "5 things I'm loving out in blogland this week: 1. Yo Yo Scarf". What a gorgeous piece of work - don't you think that's wonderful? I'm pondering what box I could sort through to find some soft interesting fabrics to start making yo yo scarfs!

Max & I forgot to celebrate our 12th Birthday!!!
I think the inaugural Berry Quilting Retreat consumed our thoughts & our time, and we both woke up one morning & realized we'd let our usual birthday celebrations slip by.
So, I'm trying to make room for new stock and at the same time Max & I are celebrating that we've slipped into our 13th year - gosh, who would have thought!

There are some wonderful bargains;
fabrics are as low as $9/m to $15/m. Take advantage of these great sale items or come along and see the latest ranges -Lately of London by Barbara Brackman, Wool & Needle Flannels by Moda and Provence Flannels by Faye Burgos
I also have the latest full range by French General, "Panier des Fleur" - fabulous prints, French navy, reds, greys and beautiful border prints.

I've been talking to Lyn from Highland Quiltworks who runs a fun workshop on quick cutting & piecing techniques and Lyn is keen to come to Berry for a workshop - these ranges, especially the flannels would make great gifts - I'll keep you posted of the dates.

Max as you know has semi-retired along with Mr Smith, but occasionaly he comes to work with me unless he gets a better offer of a walk along the beach with Maggie & Miss Millie. But on Wedesday we decided to try out my beautiful new Gazelle bike & Maxie's new travel basket and ride to work - don't laugh, here's a photo as we headed off to work. Max wasn't unhappy by the way at being a passenger!
Just in case you're wondering, I purchased this amazing bike at Berry Mountain Cycles, from Paul & Megan in Albany Street, Berry.

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