Friday, 11 November 2011

Gerringong Quilt Show - it's on...... NOW!!!

I'm here at the Gerringong Quilt Show for the Children's Medical Research annual event. It's one of the shows that I look forward to each year..... well, my bank balance doesn't that's for sure!

I've already purchased the dearest chenille bear from the CMRI stall, 3 Christmas Puddings, one gorgeous silk & shell necklace and I'm trying to avoid the shortbread, the rocky road, the Christmas cakes, the chocolate cakes (all home made)...... as well as Jan's beautiful hand made glass beads, and Anne's hand crafted needlecases, bags pin cushions, dolls....... oh gosh - HELP!!!

The beautiful raffle quilt (right) this year was originally donated as an unfinished quilt top from Carolyn Collins of Berry (who has made many first prize quilts for the Berry Quilt Show) and the CMRI girls finished the quilt and it's a beautiful piece. The ladies at the door (below) are there to tempt you to purchase tickets which are only 3 for $5 how cheap is that?

The quilts this year are amazing (they are amazing every year) but this year Merelyn Pearce's award winning quilt "Preston Dreaming" is displayed centre stage. Nothing really prepares the viewer for Merelyn's amazing detail until you manage to view her work up close.
And then there are all the other quilts on show and some interesting pieces for instance, Dorothy Hanbridge's Christmas Tree (right) which she based on the concept of Gloria Loughman's tile class (from Berry Quilting Retreat).
Jan makes the most amazing glass beads!
One of the things I love about Gerringong Quilt Show is the comraderie of the traders. We are all happy to meet up with each other & share the days. It opened this morning at 9am and runs through until 5pm today and tomorrow Saturday 12 and then Sunday from 9am until 4pm.

A great opportunity to take time out for a positive event, do some Christmas shopping, meet up with friends over a coffee or cup of tea and have some yummy cakes and slices while sitting and relaxing and taking in the quilts. It's a glorious day - not too hot with a wonderful breeze - this hall is a happy place to be and it's for a wonderful cause!

I had great intentions of showing you how to make Suffolk Puffs or Yo Yos whichever name you like to call them by. So..... starting with the first photo (right) cut out a circle and place the circle WRONG side facing you. Turn the fabric over (a small hem approximately 1/4") towards you and sew a running stitch around. I use a stronger thread, generally a waxed cotton/poly hand quilting thread, double the thread and KNOT the end. Leave a tail & sew all the way around until you are back to the beginning and then draw both ends of the threads together to gather the circle into a tight centre. Don't be over zealous pulling your threads together because if you snap the thread you have to start over! Tie them in a knot and trim the ends & poke the remaining thread inside the puff so you can't see the straggly bits!

I'll leave you with some more photos of Gerringong Quilt Show, it's worth visiting for lots and lots of reasons; the quilts, the amazing atmosphere from a positive and happy group, the stall holders, the food, the company, it's all available for you to enjoy.
The Stage area (note Berry Quilt Show's raffle quilt for 2012 is on display at the bottom of the stairs on the left!)

This orange & torquoise quilt is stunning! My "Wednesday Owls" wall hanging in pride of place!

Local lady, Mary Lawler submitted her "Goose Pond" Quilt for display made in French Genergal fabrics, it is gorgeous!
Joy Herbert & Dorothy Hanbridge (centre of photo) enjoying a laugh & refreshements in the cafe area.


  1. Great photos I hope to see show on Sunday.

  2. Hi Bron, that's great! Please introduce yourself on Sunday, I'll be on duty at the Berry Patchwork stall. ;-) Liz