Saturday, 26 November 2011

It's been another wonderful week!

It's been another wonderful week! Carolyn Collins has managed to turn most of the Wednesday girls into fibre artists - well, almost - though I have to admit they seem to be creating amazing things every week so it's very difficult for me to keep up!

This week the girls made Christmas Tree Wall hangings, though Marie resisted and continued on with a gorgeous project she is making for a gift and Tanja continued on with Fairyland. Take a look at the Christmas trees so far - Mardi's tree in the making (left); Carolyn used the map of Paris from the new "Etchings" range by Three Sisters to create her Christmas Tree background (right) and the entire project was inspired by Caroline Sharkey's technique of chopping fabric into confetti. That's the simplified version of an an amazing technique that Caroline Sharkey teaches - pardon me for suggesting that it's as simple as that!
Mary has become our "pin-up girl" though to be fair, everyone in the group is making amazing pieces. This week though I think the show and tell blue ribbon had to be awarded to Mary for her wall hanging of the birds and her beautiful table runner made from the book "The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt: Letters from the 1920's Farm Wives and the 111 blocks they inspired".

I finally came to terms with my envy problem and decided to play! Both the Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon children's classes created some beautiful little purses for Christmas presents. They were inspired by Archita who comes along to Wednesday afternoons and who created the first little purse for a gift she is taking to the US at Christmas. It just all became too much for me and I decided to have a play too, so I threw myself into the children's stash and created the little purse (below left).

It's easy - take two rectangles of fabric either by cutting two fabrics to size or create the rectangles like I did by making up two pieces of fabric from scraps to measure approximately 8" by 12". You can create any size larger or smaller but think in terms of folding it into three equal pieces when finished.

I couldn't resist making a little pocket for the back and made a lined pocked that I sewed into place. Place the two main rectangles right sides together. To one wrong side iron some iron-on pellon (I used scraps of pellon and ironed them together side by side - I can't stand throwing out those odd bits!)

With your fabric rectangles right sides together, sew a seam all the way around the edge (sewing a 1/4" seam allowance) but remember to leave a gap approximately 2.5" to 3" along one edge (not along the front edge - it's best on one side so it's not obvious when finished). Clip across each corner close to the seam to alleviate the bulk and then turn it right sides out, poking out your corners so they are nice and pointy. Give it a good iron. Fold the bag into three equal sections or thereabouts (it's personal choice). Sew down either side to secure the purse section. I topstitched all the way around except across the bottom but that could look cute too. Embellish it with ribbons or buttons, the possibilites are endless! Instead of sewing either side of the bag together on the machine, you could button-hole stitch (blanket-stitch) the sides together - that could look cute too especially if you use an embellishing or embroidery thread.
I'll leave you with some photos of the Wednesday team at work from left: Jackie, Marie, Sandy, Sue, Carolyn, Mardi - not in the frame are Mary who was at the ironing board and Tanja (who was busy with Fairland right).
The team came to pick me up close to 5 o'clock for a walk along Seven Mile beach: Maggie (yes, I know she looks a little strange but the clippers stopped working (!!!) Miss Millie in the middle and Max.

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