Friday, 9 December 2011

I'm an addict.....!

I've always been addicted to fabric, even from a very early age. In fact I still own a very small piece of grey fabric left over from an outfit that my mother made for herself when she was studying at Goulburn Technical College (she must have been about 17). It has tiny bows scattered all over made of little bundles of threads and each bow is a different colour - it always fascinated me as a child & still fascinates me as an adult.
Flannel Yo-Yos

But I've found a new addiction! During a recent evening class, I showed Loreli how to make Yo-Yos using the Clover Yo-Yo Maker. While I'm addicted to fabric, I've never been addicted to gadgets, but Sue left her Yo-Yo maker behind and I couldn't resist playing. Loreli decided that a Yo-Yo quilt was for her and started picking soft & pretty fabrics to make a quilt for her grand-daughter. At 10pm as I rushed out the door after the class ended, I grabbed a piece of fabric & Sue's Yo-Yo maker and decided I had to make some before midnight. I managed 3, then over breakfast the next morning, another 3, a few over the day between jobs (it's a bit like the old smoko break in the olden days!!!) and another few between home & Pilates and they have started multiplying!

Saturday 3 December was our last Saturday with Jennifer Corkish for 2011 - gosh - where did that year go? Everyone came along, slipped into a chair and the day flew past. During show & tell I happened to be sitting at the table and while I was drooling over Joy's 'Tiles' and Anne's "Aunt Clara's Quilt" someone asked me if I had something to show. I can't tell you how excited I was to hold up my little Yo-Yos (left) - I felt very honoured to be amid the group and to be showing something that I'd made to boot! Everyone was kind enough to ooh and ahh appropriately and three ladies decided a Yo-Yo Maker was for them. On my way out the door at closing time, I spied the Jumbo Yo-Yo Maker which makes 90mm Yo-Yos and thought wouldn't it be fun in flannels? They look great! They are light and soft to touch and I think they will make a wonderful throw (that's a 50c piece amid the flannel Yo-Yos top right).
One of my favourite quilt styles is the old Grandmother's Flower Garden made over hexagon papers. It's a timeless design and appeals to my sense of a previous era. Jennifer Corkish's Aunt Clara's Quilt has the same appeal - June's version is picutured right. Jennifer is a generous, inspirational teacher and works tirelessly at making the most of the hours she has with the students around her. It's an incredibly wonderful group of great women - I stand in awe of every one of them, watching them chatter and sew and plan the next step or the next project. It's a happy crowd and I look forward to the Saturday Club every month just to meet up with them.

I was pondering my thoughts about the sad state of retail with Mr Smith last night; sometimes I feel that the level of customer service I want to provide is like a dinosaur. It's a costly exercise and trying to compete with overseas pressures, internet sales, can be very difficult in these challenging times. But I looked at Jennifer's group and the internet can never replace the need for people to gather together, share ideas, learn and have fun. Of course let's not forget being able to see and feel the product before you purchase - what luxury!

One of the new fabrics I have ordered for 2012 is a reproduction medallion centre piece (above left). The panel should be in store around April next year & Jennifer is keen to create a quilt using this as a feature.

Ella holding her Mum's Heart!
The children worked full steam ahead this week trying to finish off and make Christmas gifts for Mum or Dad and Ella was busy trying to finish off a birthday present to give to her mum after sewing class. Joanie's present was the dearest heart and we had to photograph it to show you (left). I would have loved to see Joanie's face when she opened her beautiful gift.

The weather this week had me back in winter mode but despite the rain and with a couple of hours to spare everyone was desperate to go out for a walk and a swim at the beach. Miss Millie and Maggs waited patiently while Max got organized in wet weather gear - Max doesn't surf!

Elizabeth ;-)

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