Friday, 16 December 2011

It's been an interesting week.......and it's still unfolding

Gosh the week has gone quickly!
Children's classes finished for the year. There was a lot of rushing and panic to get presents finished and even some projects started and finished within two hours! Two of the girls made Christmas stockings and Archita finsihed a miniature wall hanging. The end of term is bittersweet - I won't get to see the children until Term 1, 2012 and/or I won't get to sew with them again if they take up other persuits. It's been a hectic term but I think we've achieved some interesting items and hopefully everyone has had fun and learned something along the way.

New shipments arrived in this week as suppliers shut down for the Festive Season. Among them I've taken stock of a few fun flannels and a new Medallion panel by John Hewson - no, not the politician! I wasn't expecting this fabric until sometime next year but there you go - it's an interesting piece and would make a gorgeous quilt centre. I'd almost like to embellish it a little with some embroidery? Each medallion is approximately 60cm x 55cm (23.5" x 21.5") & costs $7.

Carolyn Collins arrived today with finished samples of cushions & wall hangings that she would like to teach. It's such an interesting & fun technique and the end result looks fantastic. I'm thinking of making something similar as a Christmas present for a friend using the same technique. Carolyn is an incredibly talented, generous lady who imparts her knowledge with grace and skill. Dates will be set for these fun pieces and I'll send a "Part 2 - Summer Session" soon. Please check my web site or email me if you would like to join my contact list for updates Email:

I had the pleasure to meet Angela Zimmermann last Sunday. Angela will be teaching Summer Session during January, a Jeans Bag with children, 10 years & up on Friday 6 January and a tiered skirt with the adults on Friday 20. I've had a few ladies question why I didn't offer the Jeans bag for adults so we've scheduled Friday 3 February if you would like to enrol in the class; for all classes you need to book in and pay a deposit - classes are $50 for the day, 10am to 3pm; highly recommended for adults & children.

Jennifer Corkish will be teaching a class in Sashiko on Thursday 19 January - you can make a shoulder bag and/or a laptop bag although both items could be used for many different things.
Remember to book in & pay a deposit. Class cost is $50 for the day, 10am to 3pm. You will have lots of fun and be prepared to learn great techniques.

Cinzia White will teach a "Four Fat Quarters" quilt on Friday 13 January. It's a quick quilt with lots of possiblities. Cinzia will teach you quick cutting and piecing techniques. The class is $50 for the day, 10am to 3pm and you need to book in & pay a deposit.

Lyn Wilson posted down some of her new patterns & I couldn't resist making one of them using one of my favourite Japanese fabrics in stock Iright)- it looks great even if I say so!

Julie Lovell from Calico Farm Designs also sent down her new designs and both Sue & I couldn't resist starting the new quilt. The drawings are so cute but I couldn't stick to the suggested threads with her "Best Friends" quilt (left). Julie's new Owl pattern is really cute especially with a little crocheted flower attached (below). Both patterns are in stock. The flowers have lots of potential for all sorts of projects; cushions, bags, hair-clips - they're fun and colourful.

I picked my first fig for the season this afternoon and I was amazed at the size of it! I know it's not going to look that impressive in a photo but I have to share it with you all the same - it's enormous!

Mr Smith's girlfriend Maggie the kelpie, has had a make-over & is ready to hit the surf with her new bikini look trim! She always enjoys a cuddle from her gorgeous man just before tuck-in time - she loves him!

Miss Millie - well on some days it's just all too much!!!

And finally, more on the Yo-Yo making; Di Mill sent an update of her blog and while I was a trawling through it, I discovered a photo she took during the Brisbane Quilt Show. Itsn't this dress amazing ?
If you would like to check out this and other interesting items go to:

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