Friday, 2 December 2011

Some very exciting news...........

I often say that I'm a little like mildew......once I get on to something, I'm hard to get ride of!
Carolyn Collins who as you know has been looking after Sharon's Wednesday girls, has agreed to take on a day of her own in 2012 - now that is very exciting news!

Carolyn is a dark horse - mentioned in the nicest sense of the phrase of course. A few years back she undertook several courses with Design Matters in the UK which is the brainchild of Linda & Laura Kemshall and wowed us with her amazing creativity and occassionally we are lucky enough to spy her portfolio. Carolyn's work is creative, inspirational and beautifully executed. Over the past few months she has arrived with cushions, Christmas trees, bags, table runners, quilts, place mats, purses, glass cases, needle cases, more cushions, wall hangings and I've lusted after every one of them!!! After Wednesday's class she brought in one of her cushions to give Jen some inspiration and incentive - Carolyn is a generous and amazing lady.

We will be opening up Mondays with Carolyn starting in the New Year. If you are interested in joining this creative group you will need to register your interest with Sue St Claire who will be in charge of organizing this group - there are limited spaces available and you will be signing up for a term. I can guarantee you will enjoy the ride! Over the next few weeks I will showcase some of Carolyn's work and give you times and dates and costs.

Sharon will be back at the end of January and our regular sit and sew Wednesday group will be running from the start of the school term. If you would like to join a relaxed and fun group of women why not come along and learn some new techniques and just enjoy the company and friendship of like minded individuals.

My other exciting news is about my very first student Ingrid, who phoned me today to tell me she has just finished her degree with the Whitehouse in Sydney and she sent photos of her collection to share!

Ingrid Steinmetz arrived in my shop on the Wednesday after I opened in 1999 wanting to know when children's sewing classes were going to start. It was because of Ingrid that children's sewing lessons started and have continued ever since. Gosh, I feel very old all of a sudden and very nostalgic!

Now some of you may be able to recognise the fabrics? Yes, you're right if you thought that some came from none other than Berry Patchwork.

I know Ingrid's love of the 1950's and as you can see her collection is heavily influenced by that era. The fabric in two of the dresses is none other than my favourite from Alexander Henry. In fact the final shot is of Ingrid wearing a dress she made for the races last year. It was so exciting to hear from her today and her wonderful news that she has been headhunted.
Another exciting shipment arrived today in store from Studio Mio: I now have the cutest pattern to make hair clips and brooches, some cute little purse clasps and new magnetic bag clasps - but my favourites are the covered buttons. There are only a limited number of each size, covered in fabric - there is a monkey, several cute dogs, owls, umbrellas - see for yourself (right):
The latest Moda bundles arrived in store this afternoon too, but unfortunately I was trying very hard to make the shop Christmasy - hopefully you'll notice & hence I didn't get time to take anymore photos! Amid the box of goodies from PK Fabrics are jelly rolls from the new Aneela Hoey range "A Walk in the Woods"; bundles, layer cakes, jelly rolls and promo packs of "Morris & Company" and bundles of "Papillon" and "Athill Range" which are really quite lovely. I'll take photos tomorrow!

I can't help myself - I'll leave you with a photo (looking out through our dining room doors) of my two girls sharing a little nap together - gosh life is tough for some!

Have a great weekend - Elizabeth ;-)

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