Thursday, 12 January 2012

What's happening next week...........

Next week will be full of exciting workshops and there are still places available in some classes:

Make 'Blue Bird Cushions' with Carolyn Collins on Tuesday 17 January, 10am to 3pm (cost $50) - you will learn some interesting and fun techniques; play with Inktense pencils, applique and quilt using silk organza and learn reverse applique - learn some interesting embroidery stitches. Remember to book!

'Wednesdays' with Carolyn Collins - Wednesday 18 January, 10am to 3pm (cost $30) - too many things happen in this class for me to be able to list them all! It's a lot of fun; last week Marie & Jackie made a dear little antique style purse, Sue & Melissa worked on an Ipad cover and cushion cover, while Olwyn & Mardi worked on folding and hand stitching fabric into an amazing formation and Sandy tried her hand at reverse applique using Japanese fabrics. Carolyn brings something new to class every week!!! This is a casual meeting, so you can bring along a project that you have started if you want great company and a lovely environment to sew in.

Learn 'Sashiko' embroidery with Jennifer Corkish - Thursday 19 January, 10am to 3pm (cost $50). Make a shoulder bag or Ipad/Kindle cover, learn Sashiko - Japanese embroidery. Jennifer is a great teacher - she shares her knowledge with skill and enthusiasm. I'm always astounded what she brings to class month to month. Be careful may want to keep coming more regularly!

Make a'Tiered Skirt' with Angela Zimmerman on Friday 20 January - Actually 'Tiered Skirt' sounds like the wrong description. You can make a swimsuit cover-up, a mini to a maxi, one tier to as many tiers as you wish, dropped from the hip then tiered..... gosh too many options! In other words the skirt is designed around you, what you want, how you want to wear it, the look you want to achieve, a skirt to suit your shape and figure. Sounds too good to be true? There is only ONE place left in the class!!!

Angela Zimmerman's 'Jeans Bag' workshop was great fun! Kate, Lilly, Lucy & Fiona came along for the day and everyone walked out the door with a finished bag except me!!! I tried, really I tried very hard to keep up. Everyone did a fantastic job and Angela is an  informative, fun and delightful teacher.

'Quilt As You Go' with Monica Poole is over the weekend of 21 & 22 January - the class is BOOKED OUT - sorry everyone. The good news is that Monica will be back with us in September for a one day workshop.

A new book arrived in store today "Home Sweet Home" by Carolyn Pearce. It is an inspirational and beautiful book (RRP $34.95) - wouldn't it be fun to gather a group of like minded souls to meet once a month and work from cover to cover through all the projects?
Interested? Email me:

Berry Quilting Retreat:
I've had lots of enquiries about the Berry Quilting Retreat - yes, it is brewing in the background and will be run over the weekend of
8 & 9 September. I haven't released all the details and the registration date will be announced soon. To give you some idea of who will be offering classes this year: Linda Steele, Dianne Johnston, Pam Furniss, Deborah Louie, Monica Poole, Caroline Sharkey & Julie Haddrick. All the information and details will be out within the next few months. Caroline, Julie, Deborah & Linda are offering items for exhibition at the upcoming Berry Quilt Show in May.

One of the things that keeps popping up is the guilt that many of us feel about buying fabrics! Of all the addictions, I'm sure collecting fabric is the most rewarding. I know there are times that I've used fabric and can't bring myself to throw out the scraps but I don't want to use them again either. Why not pass them along? Some of you very kind souls have donated fabrics to the children's scrap bin at the shop - I confess there is one piece that I've hidden in the cupboard & I am determined to give back to that very kind soul (Carolyn) so that she can make another gorgeous antique style purse that I spied Jackie & Marie making in last Wednesday's group.

Back to scraps: I don't see the harm in passing along pieces of fabric that you no longer want to use; consider giving them to a friend & introduce them to a new hobby, offer your scraps to a craft group - your local CWA - then you won't feel guilty about hoarding. One of the things I've had the pleasure to spy during our Wednesday meetings, is the sincere generosity of the people who come to that group.

"Hold still Naughty Neddy!"
"Ah, Max - that feels good...."
"but Max what about the other ear?
Ah, purfect"
Many of you have called into store and asked about Max - what he's up to these days & how he is? I'm happy to tell you that he's fit and well and enjoying semi retirement. More recently he decided to spend the holidays at home with Mr Smith and the rest of the gang as there's lots to be done around home - playing with Maggie & Miss Millie, supervising those kitties, deciding who gets to eat the cat food and then there's the washing to be done.

Just to let you know in advance - we will be CLOSED on Australia Day.

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