Sunday, 19 February 2012

I can't believe it's been a month!

Yes, I feel very guilty & I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted a blog! Forgive me. I admit I had a week off and my dear Mr Darcy took me on a quick break away - I think he misses me now that he is retired and I'm still working full time.......

Term 1 has been underway since week 2 of the new school term & it's been a very hectic time. Evening classes and children's after school sewing are in full swing though there are a few spots for both adults and children if you are interested in joining in the fun. If you are interested in joining an adults evening class or enrolling your children, please email or phone the shop.

Wednesdays - Sit & Sew: for the first time in over twelve months, we can offer a couple of places if you would like to come along and learn some tricks from Sharon. Sharon is back from travelling and has been working on her embroidery, new skills that she picked up in London!!! Woo hoo..... and her work is looking rather awesome I might ad. Sit & Sew Wednesdays at $30, 10am to 3pm.

Carolyn's Creative Mondays: the group are making their way through Carolyn's Monday agenda which is very impressive and everyone seems to be having a great time and doing some amazing work. Hopefully this week I will have some photos to present to you. Those of you who missed this group will be pleased to hear that Carolyn will be holding some Saturday workshops so please keep checking the web site or this blog.

Nowra Lioness Quilt Show:
open Saturday & Sunday 3 & 4 March at St.Michael's School Hall, North Street, Nowra. Please come along and visit this show, it's always for a worthy cause and the women (& men) go to so much trouble to make it a worthwhile event.

Angela Zimmerman - Clothing: the next workshop is scheduled for Friday 16 March, 10am to 1pm - the cost is $35.
Bring along a pattern or something you want to work on.
Angela will assist you to work on creating items that fit you correctly; she is a fun, knowledgeable lady and everyone gets results. When I watched Alison Burgess dance on the table (!!!) showing off her gorgeous, trendy vintage style tiered skirt in January, I wanted to steal that skirt from her as she sashayed out the door!
The class is limited to six students only!

Lynne Wilson - Scrappy Quilts: if you are an absolute beginner or you just want to create a quick quilt over a weekend, come along and spend time with Lynne who will work you through from start to finish. There are some great quilts to make, quick cutting and piecing techniques to be learned and alternative ways to quilt and finish a quilt other than by machine quilting!!! Lynne can show you alternative ways to quilting by hand or machine and yes, it is achieveable over the two days. You get to pick which quilt you would like to make from a variety of available patterns. Classes start at 10am to 3pm on Saturday & Sunday 23 & 24 March - the two days cost $110.

Aurora with Lisa Walton:
the date is Saturday 21 April,
and we only have one place left in the class!
Class cost is $75 - first in.......
There is a kit to purchase direct from Lisa.

Berry Quilt Show: Opening night is Friday 4 May at 7.30pm (Tickets are $20/person)  AND WE NEED MODELS for a fashion parade for opening night to showcase Ingrid's final collection from the Whitehouse, Sydney. All garments are basically made to 88cm bust, 66-68cm waist, 99cm hips and about 169cm tall, however not all garments are fitted and there are some, more flowy designs.
If you are interested please email or phone me on 44643387. There are some gorgeous outfits to exhibit and it should be a fun and very glamorous night! If you would like to pre-book tickets please contact me via phone or email.
The Berry Quilt Show will be open Saturday & Sunday 5 & 6 May from 9.30am to 4pm each day. If you would like to offer quilts for exhibit please contact Sharon Thomson on Email:
Challenge - everyone needs a challenge and challenges are great fun and they get your creative juices flowing! As this is the 10th Berry Quilt Show - "Ten" is the Challenge Theme. There are no stipulations regarding fabrics this year, so you can use whatever you like, the only rule is that your mini quilt can be no bigger than 50cm square (approx. 20"sq).

Talking of challenges.... I've just come home from the Mittagong Quilt Show which was held this weekend; a great show, wonderful traders (I was lucky to be next to Valorie from Milton Patchwork Shop) some really lovely quilts on display. The challenge was "Freshly Picked" and the winner was Trisha Williams with her entry "Harvest". There were some really amazing entries and some very imaginative and creative souls entered. I was amazed by Pamela Bailey's rose challenge which featured the most beautiful real, freshly picked roses from her garden!!! My photography skills are a little rusty so please forgive my photos.....

New Stock: I couldn't resist this gorgeous piece of fabric depicting - Owls, birds, ducks, field mice & bunnies - it really is just soooooo cute! But of course this is only one piece from the many that have arrived in store this week. I've purchased some happy, bright stripes and spots and a great selection of micro dots.
More pieces and bundles of the new French General range "Rouenneries Deux" will be arriving (hopefully) soon.

Finally, Carolyn Collins and I entered the "Fertile Imagination" Challenge with the Quilters' Guild of NSW. I took time out of the many things I should have been sewing for the shop to play and allow my creativity a little fun time. It was a lot of fun to explore and decide how to use a piece of fabric that I doubt too many of us would have purchased willingly! I'm very glad I explored the theme and took the time to play - so please consider entering the challenge for the Berry Quilt Show. Don't take it all too seriously, have a little fun, play a little - if you would like to join a group to get your creativity into gear for this event, please email me, Carolyn and I are thinking of perhaps a one day meeting - now there's a challenge! Here's a teeny tiny snippet from my entry (above) - Sue tells me she is lighting candles for me!!!

After a very long two days of driving up & back to Mittagong, Friday evening, Saturday and today, I am going to bed! Until next time...... xxx

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