Friday, 24 February 2012

My head in spinning.......

I won't hold back, I'm just going to spit it head is spinning because I've taken out 3rd Prize in the NSW Quilters' Guild Challenge "Fertile Imagination" with my entry "In the night garden"!!! How exciting is that? I don't ever remember winning anything before other than a frozen chicken and a bottle of jam.....
I showed a snippet of my entry on the news letter this week and here's the whole piece!

I'm very excited - my head is spinning and I feel like I'm jumping out of my skin!!!

And while I'm basking in the glory there were 68 entries, I believe Amanda Daley took out first place and unfortunately I don't know who came in second. All 68 entries will be on show at the upcoming Sydney Craft & Sewing Show at Rosehill Racecourse on 8, 9, 10 & 11 March and then they go on tour around until the end of September - woo hoo!

Which leads me to another challenge......... Berry Quilt Show celebrates it's 10th show over the weekend of 5 & 6 May from 9.30am to 4pm each day (you will be hearing a lot about that over the next few months). Yes, I am excited about it; it's a great show, it's great to have local events happening around you and THERE IS A CHALLENGE!!! The Challenge theme is "Ten" - interpret that anyway you like, use any fabrics that take your fancy. A challenge is a great way to up your adrenalin, it gets your creativity moving, and it's fun. It's really a thrill to put the final stitch in a piece and then send it off to something which then you have no control over - you've made your piece, you've created something that means something to you and then you send it out into the beyond for others to view. To me it's an adult's form of playing which I don't think we get enough of - everything is organized or to be organized or has to be a certain way - but a challenge gives you "play-time". The only requirement is that it is no larger than 50cm or 20" square.
If you are interested in coming along to a Challenge day, bring your
fabrics and your thoughts and let's play! Email me or phone the shop to discuss "Play-time for Adults" - sometimes all you need is a little "push" from people around you.

More fabrics arrived this week - the new French General range "Rouenneries Deux" on bolts and in bundles, 5" charm square packs, Layer Cakes & Jelly Rolls with the remainder of the range arriving next week (I wasn't going to buy them all but I just couldn't resist!) Aren't they devine? Here they are sitting under some very happy little critters - the little country Owls that also arrived yesterday ;-)Actually, I thought they were knitted but they are ceramic.

The other range that arrived this week from "A Day in the Country" are more brights, spots & stripes - young and fresh with that very clean, crisp look. Here is just a selection from the first box. Unfortunately, the designs are quite tiny on some so they are very difficult to photograph.

I've received lots of calls and emails about Lisa Walton's "Aurora" workshop and your disappointment about her class on 21 April being booked out. It's possible that Lisa will be available on Friday 20 April so keep your fingers crossed.

Things are gearing up for the "Berry Quilting Retreat" 8 & 9 September 2012 and we are on track getting the tutors organized with their potential workshop pieces and I have touched base with all of them: Kay Haerland, Pam Furniss, Caroline Sharkey, Dianne Johnston, Sarah Fielke, Deborah Louie, Linda Steele, Julie Haddrick & Monica Poole. If you aren't familiar with their work go on line and google search each one - their individual works are astounding and gosh it's hard to pick what to ask them to teach! I'd love to be in each and every one one of their workshops. Carolyn has come up with some great ideas as usual and we hope to have the information out to you soon.

I'm actually writing this at the shop - I have to admit it's a dreadful mess - I haven't managed to find all the places to put everything back that I brought home from the Mittagong Quilt show but hopefully tomorrow things will be back to normal. I'm going home to celebrate my win!
Bye for now, Liz ;-)

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  1. I'm a bit slow catching up with all the blog posts, but congratulations on your third prize!! How good is that?