Friday, 9 March 2012

Berry Quilting Retreat 2012.......

Berry Quilting Retreat 2012 - Registration is getting closer......

Registrations for Berry Quilting Retreat 2012 will open on April 10!

And it will be happening over the weekend of 8 & 9 September and the tutor list includes:

·         Sarah Fielke –
·         Pam
·         Julie
·         Kay
·         Dianne
·         Deborah
·         Caroline
·         Linda Steele -

Each of the Tutors we have picked have outstanding classes and techniques to offer.

Kay Haerland has won several awards over the years - numberous ribbons & prizes all over the USA and in Canada, France, Japan & Australia. You may remember Kay's "Under the Canopy" (right) which won "Best of Show: The Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc: Sydney Quilt Show 2010. Kay loves creating fabric art with quilts as her medium!

Sarah Fielke co-opened her first quilt shop, Material Obsession in Hunters Hill, where she could work and teach her passion every day, surrounded by inspirational and colourful modern fabrics. Challenging her students and customers with new ideas for using fabric, colour, design and sewing techniques, Sarah inspires quilters to be more creative, find their own style and to step outside their comfort zone. Breaking down "quilting rules" was the highly popular theme for her first two co-authored ground breaking and successful quilt books now published in four languages - Material Obsession One; Contemporary Quilt Designs, and Material Obsession Two; Shared Inspiration.
Her first solo book, "Quilting: from little things", published in March 2011, is a journey of discovery. It can be challenging to master the many different quilting techniques and to try out new colours, textures and methods, and in the process build upon quilting skills.

Berry Quilt Show - 5 & 6 May:
What do you think the children at Berry Public School have spent the term working on in "Paint Pot"? Wendy Quinn of Berry Public School has inspired the children with the Picasso Exhibition which opened in Sydney this year. Each child at Berry Public School has created their own piece of work inspired by Picasso and yesterday I received the first installment of works by the 3/4 year groups. There are some amazing pieces amongst them and in particular I fell in love with this piece by Grace ?  We have been trying to decide what to do with them and how best to display them at the Berry Quilt Show from the opening night on 4 May & over the weekend of 5 and 6 May. In the end Carolyn Collins and I decided that it would be wonderful to have the chance to purchase some of these amazing pieces! They will go on display from the opening night of the Berry Quilt Show as individual works of art for sale at $10 each piece. You will get  the opportunity to purchase any of  these pieces via the office at Berry Public School from Monday 7 May - first in, best dressed! I have put my name on Grace's piece and I hope that her family doesn't beat me to the office!!!
Berry Quilt Show opening night is Friday 4 May - you may want to phone me to reserve your tickets - it will be a fun night - why not come along & join in the fun?

Have a great weekend! Elizabeth ;-)

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