Friday, 16 March 2012

It's been a very exciting day......

I was up extremely early - thoughts kept churning around in my mind, I woke at 3.30am and then decided to give into my sleeplessness and read and then started writing emails around 5pm. My emails have been met with lots of positive responses and I feel very excited!

We are building a bigger and better Berry Quilting Retreat for September 8 & 9 and along with the Retreat we'll be running an exhibition and textiles art prize. More information will be coming out within the next few weeks, but I admit I'm jumping out of my skin.....
I have been hatching the "One Red Thread" Berry Textiles Art Prize & Exhibition and to go the long way around...........
I found one red leaf attached to the wall of my house which is covered in Boston Ivy. Actually two walls of my humble abode are covered in Boston Ivy - the huge glossy green leaves are very sculptural. I had thought about calling the Exhibtion, One Red Leaf but my friend & colleague Sharon, thought that the title had nothing to do with fibres & threads and suggested "One Red Thread" - so there it is!

Angela Zimmerman started her Sew classes on Friday - and everyone got seriously underway with their garments. Charlotte, Paulina, her mum Josie, and Olwyn all started cutting out patterns, fabric and sewing and I almost thought Charlotte & Paulina were going to be wearing their skirts out of the shop! Angela is with us again  on Friday 13 April if you are interested in joining in.

This week, despite saying "NO MORE FABRIC", I couldn't resist two new ranges coming out in April & June. The first is a flannel range by Heather Bailey "Fresh Cut" showing from the delightful range right and the other one I fell in love with is a Moda range "Kasuri" left in Indigos - take a look for yourself!

I received some great Layer Cakes this week:

"Petit Odile" by French General
and "Bungle Jungle"
aren't they cute? Bungle Jungle is also available in Jelly Rolls.

Lynne Wilson's workshops are on next weekend, 24 & 25 March and there are still spots available if you would like to learn some great techniques. Perhaps you are a beginner or would just like to make any one of the designs that Lynne has created, "It's A Breeze", "Sewn In Time", "Steppin Out" or "Super Scrappy". Lynne has a huge amount of knowledge to offer. Pick any of Lynne's designs or make one Saturday and another design on Sunday.
Lynne will show you how to cut out your fabrics, accurate and quick piecing techniques and how to put the the three layers together once your quilt top is complete.

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