Friday, 30 March 2012

A lot can happen in one week.........

I'm astounded that it's Friday & I admit that I'm sipping a glass of bubbly and about to try out Mr Smith's pizza - funny isn't it, how we become creatures of habbit? Friday night is always pizza night and it's always delicious!

Gosh, what a busy week! Yes, we've had some new fabrics arrive - although I can't tell you the name of it - I can't remember!I don't think the photos do the fabrics justice but you get the general idea of the three blues and the three greens!
I have to share some more photos with you of Jelly Rolls & Layer Cakes - I love the new Chez Moi range "Coquette" and I have Jelly Rolls in stock this week. Finally Moda have decided to bring back Layer Cakes in flannels and the "Shaded Oaks Flannels" are great. Remember one Layer Cake will make a single bed size quilt.

Berry Quilt Retreat along with "One Red Thread" Berry Textile Art Prize & Exhibition, is continuing to prepare information for you and we are on track to release the information on 10 April.
It is very exciting to have an idea and develop it into something real. In previous weeks I've introduced you  to Kay Haerland, Sarah Fielke, Deborah Louie, Julie Haddrick and Caroline Sharkey and tonight, I'm going to talk about Linda Steele & Pam Furniss.
I've included photos of Linda's crazy patchwork and the detail of the centre panel above right. We are asking Linda to teach hand embroidery though her amazing works are incredibly varied. Linda is a Quilter, Textile Artist and Teacher living in Melbourne. She has won many awards and it's worth looking at her web site to explore her amazing talents:
Pam Furniss - The pleasure of teaching is what inspires most of the quilts she makes. Her aim is always to provide a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment, encouraging confidence and creativity in the students in the classes she teaches. There are so many quilts to choose from - have a look at Pam's web site:

Last weekend I had the pleasure of Lynne Wilson's company. She came down to teach two quilts "Sewn In Time" & "Super Scrappy" - I loved her casual, no stress teaching style and everyone either walked away with a nearly completed quilt top or a quilt! In fact one student who was convinced that she wouldn't be able to make herself a quilt, managed to have only the binding to do for homework!!! In fact here is a photo of Virginia putting the finishing touches to her quilt on Sunday afternoon.
I can't wait to have Lynne visit again to teach. I love her use of colour, the ability she has to pluck fabrics off the shelves with such ease & confidence and that "anything goes" philosophy - and then there are the quilt backings! Gosh, they are fun and interesting and a whole new experience for the back.

Carolyn's Monday group continues to make the most amazing things week after week - last week I managed to take some photos of all the dear little owls. Carolyn's little Owl is left but take a look at Mary's Owl (right).
They are very cute and so varied, I think we'll have to have an Owl section at the Berry Quilt Show.

Lastly my dear little black & white moggy has decided to make a nest on the lounge - at least that might stop her from creeping into bed with me during the night!

Enjoy your weekend ....... Liz ;-)

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