Friday, 23 March 2012

So much to tell you.......!

I can't believe it's Friday again and I have so much to tell you.....
Wendy Quinn (Paint Pot Wendy from Berry Public School) called in this afternoon with more works for the Picasso Installation which will form a major exhibition in the children's room at Berry Quilt Show Opening Night - Friday 4 May - and let's face it you don't want to miss out on this momentous event!

All the children at Berry Public School have been making their own pieces for the Picasso Installation and the children's room will be overflowing with artworks. They are very impressive and I couldn't help but have a peek and I photographed a few to show you.You must admit they are amazing don't you think? Some will be available for you to purchase (unless the Mums & Dads get in first) but otherwise if they don't, then they will be on sale at the opening night and throughout the weekend of the Berry Quilt Show - 5 & 6 May. I have picked a few pieces I would love to buy!!!

Apart from the Children's room at the Berry Quilt Show, remember Ingrid Steinmetz (left) will be showing her fashion collection from the famous White House of Sydney, where she graduated from last year. Thankfully many local ladies have volunteered to be models for this fun section of the show on opening night. Opening night tickets go on sale on 1st April - don't miss out! The committee will be auctioning some amazing items - I've heard a whisper about a Diamond, a Zumba party, gosh the list seems endless and it's going to be a lot of fun and a very social gathering even if you don't know anyone. Surely you can come along and say hello to me if you are on your own and a little shy?

Thank you for all the emails regarding the
Berry Quilting Retreat - September 8 & 9. We are working away like worker bees getting all the information ready for you. We are not organising accommodation - Berry has lots of accommodation from inexpensive through to more luxurious lodgings & we know that you will find something in your budget. There are lots of sites to view for accommodation and two for you to visit are: 

A few weeks ago, I gave you some information on Kay Haerland and Sarah Fielke who are coming to Berry Quilting Retreat. This week I'd like to present Deborah Louie (above right) Julie Haddrick (below left) & Caroline Sharkey (below right).

I have known Deborah Louie for 12 of the 13 years I've owned Berry Patchwork and each time I see her teach, I'm amazed how much knowledge she imparts to her students! Deborah is a very clever teacher - she manages to move you through the processes of machine quilting but she also does so many amazing things; machine blanket stitch applique, shaddow quilting, free motion background filler quilting - the list goes on & on. Visit:
Julie Haddrick is an amazing artist and quilter - which one comes first? I've fallen in love with all of her works & in particular for her Kokeshi Dolls (right). You know my love of everything Japanese? Julie specialises in original stained glass & applique wall quilts and her work features hand dyed & printed fabrics. She teaches art oriented design techniques that encourage originality, confidence & creative expression in her students.

Another amazing lady who I fell in love with several years ago is Caroline Sharkey. Caroline has the ability to move her students along with great speed & gusto & fun and at the end of two days they seem to walk away with finished art works - because that's what they appear to me - art works! Caroline's classes are great fun - they couldn't be anything else, with this vivacious and gracious lady. Berry Quilting Retreat wouldn't be the same without her and I need an annual visit of her fun and creativity. Several years ago I fell in love with a piece that Caroline created for a Wearable Art competition - from memory it was Alice In Wonderland and her amazing lace magic work. I've lusted after it ever since & Caroline has offered to post it down for the Berry Quilt Show and teach Lace Magic at our September Retreat.

Angela Zimmerman will be with us again on Thursday 12 April for a School Holiday workshop for Children with a Seminole Patchwork Floor Cushion & then on Friday 13 April with Adult's Clothing (class starts at 10am to 1pm and costs $35). There are so many items I would love to make, especially some winter jackets and Angela shows you how to adjust a commercial pattern to suit your figure - that's something I never learnt how to do. If you are interested in children's classes or adults classes you will need to book and pay a deposit. Angela is hoping to run weekly adults classes at Berry Patchwork.

I've heard from a few of you who have taken up the challenge of my
"One Red Thread" - Berry Textiles Art Prize & Exhibition.
I will be releasing the competition rules by 10 April, but just in case you can't resist starting - your Art Prize cannot be larger than 50cm square or 50cm cubed for a three dimensional piece. Here's another photo that I took last night of the Boston Ivy that's growing over my house and the reason for my inspiration of the "One Red Thread" Art Prize.

I'll leave you tonight and ask you to send lots of get well wishes to our dear Sue who has broken a rib and fractured several others! Poor girl - she is very much missed at Berry Patchwork and we hope for her a speedy recovery.

Have a great weekend! Liz ;-)

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