Monday, 16 April 2012

I see Red, I see Red, I see Red.............

Ok, I know - I'm just trying to be cute! It's because I'm very excited about "One Red Thread"!

Friday night somehow has extended to Monday night this week for my blog, but hopefully things will be back to normal soon? I've had lots of visitors and I was doing a little cooking.

Actually no, they won't be back to normal - Friday this week, 20 April - Lisa Walton is coming down to teach her "Aurora" class and now that I think of it, we do have a spare spot in the workshop if you would like to join in? Friday night will probably see me having a little nip of something and dinner with Lisa as she is staying the night for her "Aurora" class on Saturday 21! If you are interested in the class, ring 02-44643387 or email me: Workshop fee is $75 (they are both one day workshops - we managed to schedule another class!)

We launched
Berry Quilting Retreat 8 & 9 September last week with only a few minor hitches - what would life be like without a little stress? My IT Department had a few little melt-downs (I possibly put something into the wrong area - pressed a few icons thinking I could fudge my way through, but my dear Mr Darcy managed to get it rectified). So far, so good - your responses have been great and remember that some of the quilts will be on display at the upcoming Berry Quilt Show - 5 & 6 May.

Berry Quilting Retreat Tutors
Linda Steele, Julie Haddrick,
Pam Furniss, Deborah Louie & Caroline Sharkey are all sending down items so that you can see their work and decide which Retreat class you would like to book into. There is nothing like seeing the Tutor's work up close, though they may not necessarily be the actual workshop pieces on display, but you will get to see their style. I might even be able to get Sarah Fielke & Kay Haerland to send an item each! In the meantime, Caroline Sharkey has sent down lots of items for the Berry Quilt Show to give you a taster/teaser of what she has to offer. In particular, you know how I fell in love with her "Alace in Wonderland" Dress for the Bernina Challenge? Well it arrived last week and will be on display at Berry Quilt Show - 5 & 6 May. Just in case you can't get to the show, have a look at the lace work on her dress (right). Linda Steele's block above is an example of her foundation pieced, hand embroidered workshop.

The next step with Berry Quilting Retreat is to launch the information on "One Red Thread"- Berry Textiles Art Prize. The exciting news is that Manildra @ Nowra have agreed to sponsor the 2nd Prize of $200!

Yes, it is my brainchild but I've had lots of wonderful support from my dear friend Carolyn Collins of Berry (who is also my partner in this crime) and of course the many great responses from those of you who are interested in entering the challenge! "One Red Thread" started because of my fascination for 'Boston Ivy'. I was going to call the Textiles Art Prize, One Red Leaf, but my dear friend & colleague Sharon Thomson didn't think one red leaf had anything to do with textiles & I think she's right.

Boston Ivy grows against the brickwork on my humble abode and I love watching it consume the house and change with the seasons. Of all the plants in the garden, I'm fascinated by this one the most. I love the shape of the leaves, the colours, the way it moves along the house. I'm addicted to photographing it and if I sleep in the loft, I love the shaddows it creates on the inside walls of the room when the sun comes through the window of a morning, because it's worked it's magic across the fly screen!

Details of "One Red Thread" will be launched on 20 April. In the meantime, a little taster is that Berry Textiles Art Prize is open to thread & fibre artists, quilters, crafts people and all age groups. But don't jump the gun! It would be tragic if you create a piece before knowing all the rules!!!

Back to Berry Quilt Show - yes, I know, I'm like a broken record - but, I'd hate for you to miss out on a great opening night, and you know that we are hosting a fashion parade of Ingrid's final collection from the White House? This is really going to be a gala event, and if your daughter (very possibly) is one of the models, I'm sure you'll want to be there to take lots of photos!

Of course apart from the fashion parade there will be lots of fun to be had, great canapes, an amazing assortment of auction items to have a play at bidding on, friends to catch up with and new friends to make. Tickets for opening night are $20 and I have them on sale here at the shop - you can phone me (or email) if you would like me to put some tickets aside for you. Here's just a snippet of what you might see - have a look at Ingrid modelling one of her creations (right).

You can tell of course that I'm very excited about Berry Quilt Show this year! It's the 10th show and I can't wait to meet up with Ingrid again and see all the girls - all 15 or 16 of them, sashaying through the crowd, all looking very glam.

Meet Blake - or perhaps I should say, meet Blake' arm! Isn't this an incredible living, breathing work of art? I have watched this masterpiece evolve from his wrist up his arm and coloured in along the way! Blake is a young courier who delivers packages to me. I'm always a little curious about Tattoos - I think they are amazing - not that I would want to own one, and I'm a woose and I'm not into buying pain! He tells me that people tend to be a bit judgemental about it all - I guess that's true of lots of things don't you think? But obviously Blake bites the bullet and manages both the judgement and the pain!!!

Please send lots of good wishes and thoughts to a dear client, Mardi McDonald who is in Wollongong Hospital this week. We are sending lots of positive thoughts to you Mardi and lots of hugs for a speedy recovery!

Dinner calls..........................Elizabeth ;-) xxx

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