Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Somehow I missed Friday!

Here it is ANZAC Day - gosh, what a day it's been! I'm sure you would have been affected by the gale force winds that seemed to rip through last night and all day today? I almost thought Mr Smith & I should go off to bed with our bicycle helmets on!!! That image always makes me giggle - sorry. But if you were to see the huge gums - actually they are called Widow Makers and for good reason, then you might consider wearing your bicycle helmet to bed too ;-)

We spent most of the day in a blackout due to the wind and hence that means no running water for us and what's worse, no coffee machine!!! So I've spent most of the day sorting and trying to declutter - oh dear..................

Last weekend, Lisa Walton was with us for her Aurora Class on Friday & Saturday and while Mr Smith cooked pizza for dinner, Lisa walked me through setting up Berry Patchwork's Facebook page!!! Gosh how scary - too many buttons and so many gadgets but my goodness Lisa is not only a talented teacher but she is also very clever at navigating her way around the Facebook system. I admit I still don't really understand it!

Lisa spent two great days with us. Everyone was very cautious though - isn't that funny? I look at both groups and they were all experienced patchworkers/quilters! It's the funniest thing watching everyone being very tentative in their approach to sewing straight or wavy lines. It was great to hear comments like "I always wanted to learn how to do that" and "I've stepped out of my comfort zone".
Both groups were filled with great women who were lots of fun.

"One Red Thread" - Berry Textiles Art Prize & Exhibition; I've finally managed to produce the brochure many thanks to Carolyn Collins - gosh she's a great soul! And it's been such an exciting week: Manildra Group are sponsoring Second Prize and I received their cheque for $200. Vicki Pye of Vicki Pye's Craft Supplies, is sponsoring Third Prize of $100 and within an hour of Vicki's email, Barbara from Just Delicious emailed that she would offer $100 sponsorship so I am putting that towards First Prize! I hope you will participate. "One Red Thread" information brochure and the Entry Form are available to download from my web site:

Berry Quilting Retreat - September 8 & 9, 2012
We've had a great response to Berry Quilting Retreat so far - it's your involvement that will make this event special. Remember there is no Punch without Judy so your participation is important for this to succeed. The tutors are hand picked because each person offers great techniques and comes highly recommended. Please go onto my web site to have a look at each of the tutors; Sarah Fielke, Pam Furniss, Julie Haddrick, Kay Haerland, Dianne Johnston, Deborah Louie, Caroline Sharkey and Linda Steele. There will be a display of each of the Tutor's works at the Berry Quilt Show on 5 & 6 May. Caroline Sharkey has sent her 'Al Lace in Wonderland' dress but I need a manequin - HELP - if you have one to loan me please call!

Here I go again......Berry Quilt Show opening night is Friday 4 May - oh come on, join in, it's only $20 and it will be a fun night. If you are feeling a little shy about coming alone, get someone to call me to the front door and I'll escort you in. If it's any comfort you can hang around with me all night - but beware, I love the auction! We could probably also get you to help with the models - there is simple make up to get organized; most of the girls are so gorgeous they don't need any make-up but of course they deserve a little pampering and there is hair to be done. So if you're feeling you'd like to join in, come and buy a ticket from me at the shop beforehand and help me out with the models - PLEASE!

Sharon Thomson (contact is 0405516267) needs assistants for Berry Quilt Show - in particular White Glove volunteers are needed for the Friday night, Saturday & Sunday 5 & 6 May. Friday set up day, I'll be organizing the children's section and I have 280 pieces to hang for the Picasso Installation (like the brilliant piece above!) - so all volunteers will be made very welcome. If you're interested in lending a hand, ring me 44643387 or email: - or just come along from 9am on Friday 4 May - Berry School of Arts in Alexandra Street.
Carolyn's Creative Mondays: we have a couple of places in this group available if you would like to join these workshops. Classes are $30/session but we ask you to book for the term - payment is in two parts. Gosh, the girls seem to create so many interesting things and useful too. Carolyn maps out the term ahead and each week gives you a requirements list for the following week. There are lots of concepts & techniques to experiment with like the seminole sample (above right) and the reverse applique and hand quilting (above left) of the Blue Wren. The choice is yours to go on and turn the techniques into something larger if you want to.
Angela Zimmerman (left) will be back with us on Friday 4 May, 1 June, 29 June, 27 July and 24 August for her dress making class. The group suggested that an extra hour would be great so now the class will run from 10am to 2pm. This class is designed to assist you to make anything you please but more geared towards you making clothes to fit your shape and style. Angela will be with us once a month. Class size is limited to 6 so you need to book in please. Cost is $45/session.

Lynn Hewitt will be with us in May for 'A Postcard In A Day-Landscape in Fabric'. I've heard so many great things about this workshop from some of you who have worked with Lynn before. A very experienced teacher.

Lynne Wilson will be coming back to us by popular demand. Her scrap quilts are great fun and she is a no fuss, easy techniques, cutting and machine piecing teacher who seems to transfer instant confidence to her students. Lynne will be launching new products at Quilt Market in Kansas next month and in particular her new idea cards on quilt backs. I think this would make a great class as lots of us struggle with the cost of quilt backs and Lynne's ideas may put a whole new light on the concept. Make sure you keep checking my blog to find out more on this!

As ANZAC Day comes to a close, I found many things amid my boxes that made me think about the significance of the day and the loved ones we miss. I came across a postcard that had a pencilled note attached saying "this was with a German soldier". My stepfather served six full years in WWII and I know that it affected him terribly. He could never participate in ANZAC Day marches - I don't think he could cope with the memories and he talked about how they buried the deceased they found regardless of the side they fought on. The postcard depicts a scene of fir trees covered in snow.

Until next time......
Elizabeth ;-)

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