Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What a great weekend.......

Gosh, I know it's Wednesday and here I am talking about last weekend. Congratulations to the team for the outstanding success of Berry Quilt Show - too many people to list, but for me the main players in aphabetical order were..... Lioni, Megan & Sharon. What a fantastic job!

Opening night this year stole the show with the models strutting their stuff through the crowd in Ingrid Steinmetz's outfits. I'll take full credit for having that brainchild even though all I had was a thought one night between 2 & 4am. It was a huge thing to ask the girls to model - I'm not sure I could have done it especially in those amazing high heels! You know that Veda & Sophie (right) teach the children sewing at Berry Patchwork - they are amazing ladies.

A few people stole the show - Olivia Yeatman with her War & Peace garment which was on tour all of 2011. It was Olivia's HSC major work and wasn't available until this year to display. Jessica Drewel won with a gorgeous quilt she made for a present for a new baby last year - Carolyn Collins won judges choice for one of the most amazing quilts I've seen in a while! It is a version of one of Jennifer Corkish's antique quilts that she researched and Carolyn turned into a masterpiece. The strong reds and the work that she put into this quilt and then to top it off she quilted it herself.

Linda Steele's Quilt "Crazy About Australia" for Berry Quilting Retreat - 8 & 9 September - is a knock-out and was overwhelmingly received by just about everyone. The detail in the embroidery is just to die for - Linda's attention to detail is outstanding. One tiny snail makes it's way up the stalk of a Agapanthus; a tiny face peers out from behind a branch, and in one block the Kookaburra stares at the spider in his web. Three people rushed across to Berry Patchwork on Saturday afternoon to sign up for Linda's September class.

Sarah Fielke's "The Burbs" really tickled my fancy. I know that many of you are struggling with the idea that Sarah will allow you to make whatever you like of her quilts at Berry Quilting Retreat in September. The more I looked at the Burbs over the weekend, the more I fell in love with the whimsey. I love Sarah's use of colours and fabrics and I like that carefree style.

Caroline Sharkey's "Lace Magic" is outstanding especially when you look at the potential the technique holds in store to create and embellish art quilts. Then on top of it all, you get to create more artistic work on the 2nd day with Caroline's "Silhouette Landscape". If you are into textile art and thread painting then you can't go past this great lady's work. She is great fun and moves you along. I'm always amazed that everyone seems to walk away with a finsihed article. Caroline's use of colour, threads and textiles is amazing. This was one of the samples on show (left) at the show last weekend.

I had an exciting day - Kay Haerland sent down her "One Red Thread" photograph for entry to our "One Red Thread" Textiles Art Prize & Exhibition, September 8 & 9. Gosh - aren't some people amazing what they can achieve despite leading such a busy life? I'd love to list the photo here for you to see but of course that would be giving everyone ideas!!! Of course I CAN'T DO THAT!!! I can show you one of her landscape samples for Berry Quilting Retreat though ;-)

Pam Furniss's "Medley" (left) was amazing up close & personal. I love Pam's words on her web site too. Medley seems like a great quilt to make for all the techniques that you will get to play with and experiment, and to top it off, get to play with your sewing machine and find out what it can do! Here is just a section of Pam's Medley quilt (left)

Now while Deborah Louie didn't send down her Berry Quilting Retreat sample (pictured above) she did send down an amazing quilt which took pride of place at Berry Quilt Show. What I have confirmed with Deb is that her Retreat workshop is structured towards the Beginners to Intermediate students. Don't think you can't do this - you will learn amazing techniques from amazing tutors - so don't be shy!

Julie Haddrick's quilts were met with a great response and why not! Gosh - how amazing were her two samples? Did you get to see them? I loved the wording and the imagery and the quilting and the...... oh, just too much to list! Just a snippet (left). I can't wait to see the Kokeshi Dolls at our Retreat!

Jumping back to Berry Quilt Show - did you spy Lisa Johnston's "Ten" challenge pieces? Lisa entered three pieces that really blew me away. I hung them all (I spent most of Friday getting the Challenge/Children's room organized) and I looked at each piece and then finally the penny dropped! Lisa wanted the viewer to think about the challenge in her Challenge pieces - very, very clever lady.

Jump your week to today and I photographed Mary Lawler's Magpies that she made in Carolyn Collin's class on Monday. Mary was finishing them off today in our Wednesday group with Sharon. I couldn't resist playing with them a little and photographed them in a tree not far from the shop - aren't they great? They almost look real don't you think?

Give a thought and send positives to the Universe for Mardi McDonald and Joy Fardy; we have two of our girls in hospital at the moment and they need all the positive energy you can muster!

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