Friday, 8 June 2012

Ok, I'm listening..........

Ok, I'm listening to what some of you have been telling me!
One Red Thread, Berry Textiles Art Prize - the run up is too short, the photo required with the application is unnecessary and you need more time.
So...... with all that in mind, ok - I've taken it all in - you need more time, can't get a photo of your work as you are too busy trying to create it, and? So here's the result...........
I've extended the closing date for One Red Thread to 30 July. If you think that's still too soon then I will talk about it with you next month. Ok, you don't need to send a photo - there, does that make you feel a little better? No excuses now!!!

I have so many ideas running around in my head, but Carolyn tells me I'm not allowed to enter. But really, don't you think I can enter if I put a big sign saying NOT TO BE JUDGED? I'm actually thinking I might recycle a piece that I made a few years back; recycle in the sense of changing it, adding to it, making it more......... but I can't tell you what it is.....yet!

One Red Leaf
Some of you have been very clever and sent photos of your entries - thank you. It's very exciting and it would be lots of fun to receive lots more! And with the weather this week, it's been a great time for sewing and planning and designing.
Have a look where my Boston Ivy is this week with the change in the season, the severe weather, the wind & the rain........just one red leaf ;-)
I'm really addicted to this plant  - don't you think this photo is amazing? It's actually the way it looks hanging off the outside of my house. I hope Mr Smith never wants to paint!

Kokeshi Playtime

BERRY QUILTING RETREAT - 8 & 9 September, is coming along very well. All the classes are filling so don't put your decision off too for too much longer if you are sitting on the fence pondering what class to join. Just to remind you who is coming along: Sarah Fielke, Pam Furniss, Julie Haddrick, Kay Haerland, Dianne Johnston, Deborah Louie, Caroline Sharkey & Linda Steele. It's going to be a lot of fun and the only problem I see is that there will be so much to do that we'll all be exhausted from wanting to do everything!

Carolyn Collins & Dorothy Hanbridge who are both my partners in crime are still considering which class they will enroll in - and I have to admit, that I'm thinking I might have to join in too! I am leaning a lot towards those gorgeous Kokeshi Dolls of Julie's or The Burbs by Sarah Fielke. I won a Zumba party at the Berry Quilt Show last month and have pondered if we should all get together on the Friday night to have a Zumba party to kick the weekend off? How much fun would that be?

Chateau Rouge
Reece & Matteo
Last weekend, I spent two days drooling over the latest ranges at the Australian Quilt Market. They will be released later in the year; the new French General range "Chateau Rouge" and FreeSpirit's "Field Study" are beautiful and at total ends of the spectrum. Then I found Reece Scannell & Matteo - gosh what a funny couple of guys - I could have purchased everything at their stand! Did I tell you that Reece Scannell will have a stall at the Berry Quilting Retreat Traders hall & Exhibition? I feel very excited about it all - there will be lots of traders of course, Pamela Rouse of La Maison Quilting, Cecile Whatman from Unique StitchingJan Cahill of JanC Beads, just to name three, but I am just a bit tickled pink about Reece Scannell. I received a couple of panels from Reece yesterday that he posted down for me to have a play with - they are just amazing!

Sydney Opera House Laser Show
Under the Argyle Arch
Sydney was so exciting last weekend. I haven't spent any time there in ages & to see the Opera House and the light shows around the city was wonderful. Unfortunately our room was above a constant stream of party goers which lasted until 4.15am and the rain didn't stop but we had a wonderful time nonetheless. The Rocks Markets are very impressive - there are so many talented designers, clothing, jewellery, food and we had a great meal at "Fish At The Rocks" in Kent Street. The walk back to our Motel was fantastic, looking at the mist surrounding the Bridge and at the light show under the Argyle Arch - just amazing.

I've noticed that some of you are a bit worried about accommodation for the Berry Quilting Retreat and perhaps we could suggest that if accommodation is hard to find, that we create a billot file of some people who would consider offering a spare room for the weekend? What do you think? Reece Scannell has already snapped up my loft!

There were so many other wonderful traders at the AQM and I let my hair down and spent time and money with lots of them. Gosh, when I emailed Sue who was working back at Berry Patchwork she started to panic where we would put it all!!!
Natalie Bird's Stand "The Birdhouse" was as always beautifully arranged. Natalie is such a talented designer and then I met up with Annie Downs who also had the most beautiful stand. They both caste their magic and it's too hard to resist!

A Simple Life
I've noticed that some of you have even joined me on Facebook which is a bit of a thrill really as there is that thought that runs around in my head "is there anybody out there"? This week though a few of you rushed over to get your copy of Annie Downs's new book "The Simple Life" that I mentioned on Facebook last weekend; I have 8 copies left and it's great value at $22.95

I had so many things on my list to do today and with the gorgeous sunshine, I spent most of the time following up things for the Retreat and writing this blog - it was nice to sit and just take time today and not rush around like a mad chook.
Have a great long weekend - if you call into the shop, I'll be playing with my new panel from Reece Scannell and making a start on my version of "The Simple Life"!
Take care,
Elizabeth ;-) x

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