Saturday, 16 June 2012

What a great day.....

So much for leaving early! We finally managed to leave Berry around 10am for my day at the Darling Harbour Craft & Quilt Fair & I must admit it was a miserable morning and very tempting on my one day off to stay in bed!!!

Despite the rain and the very slow trip, I stopped at one of my favourites, the Button Shop at Newtown (I also love the one at the Rocks) & we had an early lunch at 2042 Cafe & Deli on King Street, which was really yummy. If I didn't have a fabric shop I think I'd have to own a button shop!

By the time we managed to get to Darling Harbour it was around 2.30pm. Somehow our map didn't tell us that we couldn't turn right into Kent Street for parking & we found ourselves heading over ANZAC Bridge & finally doing a U-turn at Drummoyne! How stressful.

Finally at the Craft & Quilt Fair, I accidently ran into Sharon Thomson from Berry! Sharon takes our Wednesday group and the Monday night girls. Half way round my very quick up & down the isles, Sharon text me to have a photo taken with my Fertile Imagination Challenge - how embarrassing & what a lot of fun at the same time ;-)

Linda Steele "Holiday Waltz"
Deb Louie's amazing quilt

There were lots of quilts by amazing quilt makers: in particular, I loved Linda Steele's "Naturally Crazy" (4th Place winner - Mixed Techniques).......
Deborah Louie's amazing machine appliqued/quilted quilt - Deborah took out 4th Place for predominantly applique (professional) and rightfully so!
Pam Furniss had a great quilt, hand appliqued & quilt as you go - "Everlasting" is a great piece.

You know of course that Deborah Louie, Linda Steele, Julie Haddrick, & Pam Furniss are teaching at Berry Quilting Retreat, 8 & 9 September. You will be in the hand of amazing teachers who are all very skilled and keen to pass their wonderful techniques and knowledge along to you!

I ran into Julie Haddrick, fell in love with Linda Steele's Traditional Quilt "Holiday Waltz" which took out 2nd Place for Master Quilter, Traditional Quilt. I talked to Reece Scannell & Matteo, caught up with Lisa Walton, Natalie Bird, Lesley McConnell from Faeries In My Garden. Pamela Rouse from La Maison Quilting walked past me while I was shopping at "Japan Made" and finally called by Studio Mio to say hello to Mio! Oh, and I introduced myself to Saffron Craig, I love her fabrics.

I didn't make it around the entire show. I quickly glimpsed the amazing selection of decorated bras (left) but unfortunately my camera/phone was a little overworked and my photos are a bit blurred.

I was really glad that I took the trip up to see the show. The quilts are amazing, the displays of the shops equally so. I had a little retail therapy and of course want to start yet another project - I purchased Julie Haddrick's "Kokeshi Playtime" book. Fashion & sewing is a passion - I love it. I love feeling fabric, I love the colours, the designs and I love the way it brings people together.

Have a great Sunday.
Liz ;-)

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