Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Great fun......

English Paper Piecing with Jennifer
We always seem to have great fun at the shop. I think the proof in the pudding with classes, gatherings, sewing sessions - call them what you like, is that people keep coming back!

Saturday, during Jennifer Corkish's First Saturday Club, it's a great time to catch up with a wonderful group of women who are incredibly creative in their own right and then throw in Jennifer's influence, nurturing - call it what you like, it's great! And the wonderful thing with Jennifer is that she is constantly evolving, creating, experimenting and researching. There is something for everyone in her group, not everything has to become a quilt.
Mondays with Carolyn - gosh there is almost too much to list! I think this school holiday break has given everyone time to catch their breath and get their minds into gear to kickstart the Term 3 on 23 July. I haven't received Carolyn's program for Term 3, but I know that it will be jam packed with lots of interesting techniques and great Mondays. You will get to make bags, quilts, table runners, Christmas wall hangings, needle cases, sewing cases - experiment with Sashiko, machine or hand quilting, applique - oh I give up!!!

And then there's Wednesdays with Sharon. Wednesdays are great - Sharon takes a lot of care to ensure that you get to work on what you want to do. If you also want something designed, she is more than happy to work hard to please you and everyone seems to have a great time sewing and exchanging time together. Sue managed to get two quilts pinned today ready for quilting. It's so much easier when there is help!

Evening groups run fortnightly:
These are the usual days that make up a month at Berry Patchwork. Then throw in our fortnightly evening groups. My Tuesday evening group starts back 17 July, Lisa's Thursday evenings start 19 July, Sharon's Monday evening group are back 23 July and my Wednesday night ladies from 25 July.

Special days: are when we invite teachers to come along and show a group what they can do to make sewing more interesting or offer different techniques. That's exactly what we are doing with Lynne Wilson who is sewing with us from 10am tomorrow - Thursday 12 July. If you miss this class, you have another opportunity on Thursday 27 July when Lynne will be working with you to Create Amazing Backings for some of the quilts you haven't quite finished! Both these workshops are $60 for the day, 10am to 3pm.

Night Garden by Sarah Fielke
And Special Days will also be created at Berry Quilting Retreat over the weekend of 8 & 9 September. If you haven't made up your mind, the clock is ticking. There are spaces available in each workshop but they are limited and you will have to be quick.
The Tutor list is grand:
Sarah Fielke, Pam Furniss, Julie Haddrick, Kay Haerland, Dianne Johnston, Deborah Louie, Caroline Sharkey & Linda Steele.
One Red Thread

You can also create your own special days by exploring your creativity with One Red Thread - Berry Textiles Art Prize. One Red Thread will be running in conjunction with Berry Quilting Retreat & Berry Quilting Exhibition. Berry Quilting Exhibtion is an exhibition of the Tutors works who will be teaching at Berry Quilting Retreat. One Red Thread offers $700 worth of cash prizes!
Sienna with her Hearts

Children's Classes:
And then don't forget the children............
It's been interesting talking to the children I've met up with these past two weeks. They've all talked about how they would like to come and learn sewing or they would like to come back to sewing. One of the things that is wonderful for me is the art of teaching a child to enjoy their own space and time and company and I think sewing does that.
Milla & Lilly

When you're an adult you can escape so many ways - walking, exercise, sewing. But when you're a child, you can't just get up and go off for a 19 kilometre bike ride or a 45 minute walk along the beach. Sewing isn't only a wonderful way to express your creativity - it's a great escape and is truly yours to play with whichever way you like.

Children's classes start back on Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18, Thursday 19 & Friday 20 July. Please book as some classes are full and Wednesday afternoons are restricted to High school age only. All other days are open age and we ask that you sign your children up for the term - these are not pay as you come classes.
I love the look on their face when each child finishes their work, priceless!

Think about what you would like to make then ring us and talk about your options - there are some great classes - why miss out on the fun?

Elizabeth ;-)

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