Sunday, 15 July 2012

Such glorious days......

A view from the back door :)
Hasn't it been the most spectacular weekend? Even though I've been indoors at the shop all weekend, I had the back door open and I'm sure it's the magnificant magnolia that I could smell? It's a seriously massive tree.
Moda's Rooftop Garden
I've spent most of the weeknd on my feet behind the counter. I had great plans to do some sewing but perhaps tomorrow? Instead I served some really lovely customers and assisted with fabric selections and I've fallen in love with some of the fabrics in the shop......again.
Moda's Grace
Moda's Sophie
I've always had a thing for cheater fabrics. I think I'm fascinated by the way they manage to print so many colours and designs on the one piece of fabric. In particular there are three in stock, 'Rooftop Garden' which is printed in 4" squares; the arrangement of 'Grace' with it's triangles within triangles of print and the multiple colours in 'Sophie'. Of course they are much better in the flesh! It would be fun to make any one of these into a lap quilt and just practice my quilting. I know from past experience that people stand and discuss piecing all the little bits and how accurate I've been with my sewing machine, as in "Rooftop Garden" or "Grace". Customers have often stood in awe at my ability to piece such fine blocks until I tell them that's it's just the fabric - no piecing at all!!! There are times when I've had to get the bolts off the shelve because they don't seem to understand what I'm trying to explain :)

Deb Louie's award winner
Berry Quilting Retreat - September 8 & 9
The clock is now ticking for registrations for Berry Quilting Retreat 2012.
We have spots left in each of the classes with:
Detail of Kookaburra block
Sarah Fielke, Pam Furniss, Julie Haddrick, Kay Haerland, Dianne Johnston, Deborah Louie, Caroline Sharkey & Linda Steele and if you are still contemplating, you need to make your mind up fairly quickly.

Deb Louie's work is award winning - did you get to Darling Harbour Quilt Show this year? There will be lots of hands on and I know she'll extend herself and you beyond your own expectations. I know what Deb is like and  how much she'll offer her students.
Linda Steele also took out awards at Darling Harbour in June so you are in the hands to true professionals. Linda's "Crazy About Australia" Quilt is incredibly difficult to photograph the fine details of her embroidery. Above (right) is just one block from her quilt.

Sewing with Lynne Wilson:

Make a quilt backing
City Blocks
On Thursday 26 July, Lynne Wilson will be back with us - you can make any one of Lynn'e patterns or make a backing? Lynne has produced a great range of quick & easy patterns and patterns to create backings for quilts. It's a great way to use up all the left over pieces from your quilt tops or just create another quilt on the back? You will need to book in and class starts at 10am until 3pm.

Birthday Celebrations:

It's our Birthday on 1st August!
Berry Patchwork celebrates it's 13th Birthday on Wednesday 1st August.
I can't believe we'll be stepping into our 14th year!!!
I think the day will call for a cake :)
If you are around and would like to pop in to help celebrate the day, mention this blog and you will receive 10% off your purchases.

Have a great week :)

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